Michael Weinstein

Graphic Designer

San Francisco


A web product that aimed to simplify the apartment renting process. It allowed users to connect with potential roommates, search apartment listings and apply as a group. Landlords and rental agents were able to list apartments and communicate with potential renters. I worked on a 3-person team with 2 developers, and was responsible for branding, UX, UI, HTML and CSS.

  • branding
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • web development
PadMatcher logo
PadMatcher - website - responsive
PadMatcher - roommate search
PadMatcher - roommate search results
PadMatcher - roommate profile
PadMatcher - Apartment listing
PadMatcher - My profile - Matches
PadMatcher - Manager
PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate search

PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate search results

PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate profile - Details

PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate profile - Matches

PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate profile - My profile

PadMatcher - wireframe - Roommate profile - Manager

About Me

websites, logos, apps, illustrations, infographics, icons, posters, tshirts, etc.