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NBA Logo Redesigns: Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Logo Redesigns: Oklahoma City Thunder

The Team

In 1966 a couple of LA businessmen started the Seattle Supersonics as a new NBA franchise. The team was named after a supersonic airplane being built at local company Boeing, which was later cancelled. Notable events in Sonics history include a guy named Slick Watts who made it cool to wear a headband, winning an NBA championship in 1979, and of course the Payton-Kemp years. In 2008 the Seattle Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder, because their owner Clay Bennett is a douche.


In OKC, the team has had success with young stars Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka. Right now the Thunder have the best record in the league, and Durant is having an MVP-caliber season.

Past/Current Logos

Sonics logo 1967/68 - 1969/70

Even though they switched names/cities, let’s go all the way back and check out these Sonics logos. The layout of this one is a little weird, I do like the simple Space Needle and the jet/rocket thing though. It also looks like SEATTLE is a slightly darker green than the rest of the logo, which is insane.

Sonics logo 1970/71

Massive step back here. This in no way even resembles a basketball, not surprised it only lasted 1 season.

Sonics logo 1971/72 - 1974/75

If this was a jazz band, or a refreshing lemon-lime soda, this might just work.

Sonics logo 1975/76 - 1994/95

The best one so far, although I’m not a huge fan of the ball/skyline now that I really look at it. It could use a more interesting typeface too.

Sonics logo 1995/96 - 2000/01

This is pretty heinous but I do have fond memories of the Kemp-Payton-Schrempf days, so this gets a pass.

Sonics logo 2001/02 - 2007/08

The end of the Sonics era. This is not bad, I’m glad they went back to the green and yellow color scheme.

Thunder logo 2008/09 - Pres

The current Thunder logo is an abomination. This image does a good job of detailing the glaring design issues with this logo. I honestly think my Mom could create this in Microsoft Publisher with some clip art.

The Redesign

My goals here were to simplify the color scheme, represent thunder somehow, and have some link to Oklahoma. I added the bison to the thundercloud and lightning bolt so it doubles as a thundering herd. The Thunder mascot is already this goofy ass bison so I think this makes sense.


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Comments 9


The colors would be unique, but the logo itself is too boring IMO.
Will you ever make a Houston Rockets logo? They need a rebrand badly or at least update the current brand.

Mark athey

We can do an awesome logo! Can we have a chance since we just saw this today 10-11-15 I have 30 years experience in textile printing so we know what prints well and what doesn’t! Just say the word we will work on one tomorrow.
Thank you

Athey Graphics inc.

Eric Ebacher

The typeface on the fourth logo is from the Helvetica family.

Seth Rollins

I had my ring stolen from me. It was passed along from the ball 🎳 boy of the 1979 team. If you could see if there were any members who wanted to see how Ojendyk’s little boy turned out I’d love to hear it firstt hand just just like black or white still rocked brown while the team landed ready for a wedding not yet repeated.

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